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Absentee ballots are available 28 Days before election

In-person absentee voting begins Tuesday, April 10, 2018 for the May 8, 2018 Election.

All absent voter requests must include:

  • Holmes County residence address (house number and street name) and mailing address (if different from residence address)
  • Voterís date of birth
  • Identification (such as driverís license # or state ID # or last four digits of social security number)
  • Date of the election for which the absent ballot is being requested
  • Party affiliation (for primary elections only):Choices include Democratic, Issues only (non-affiliated), Green, Libertarian, or Republican
  • A statement that the voter requesting the ballot is a registered elector
  • Signature of the voter for whom the absent ballot is requested

Application for Absent Ballot

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Use of this form is optional.  Application must include information listed above.

Print the form, complete all the required information, sign the form and mail to:

Holmes County Board of Elections

75 E Clinton St Suite 108

Millersburg OH 44654

The Board of Elections must receive an application by mail by noon on the third day before the election.

Voted ballots must be delivered to the Board of Elections in person, by mail or a near relative not later than the close of polls on Election Day in order to be included in the election night results.Ballots must be postmarked no later than the day before election day and received by the board no later than 10 days after the election in order to be included in the official certified results.

If you request an absent ballot, you will NOT be allowed to return your ballot at the polling place on election day.

Questions? Call the Board of Elections at 330-674-5921.